Giving B(l)ack

Bifties is a Black-owned e-commerce platform that allows you to be social by sending a gift to someone special or even yourself, while conveniently supporting Black-owned businesses.

Donating 5% of our proceeds to a 501c3 doing work in our community, our mission at Bifties Gifts is to help people honor life’s moments through the convenience of patronizing Black-owned businesses. Give B(l)ack with Bifties!

Premium Black-owned Brands

We've partnered with premium brands, artistic brands and overall FUN brands, to bring you the best gifts powered by the Black community. 


Bifties is all about community and how we honor and celebrate each other. Support goes a long way.

Sending a gift through Bifties celebrates your recipient and our community.

Collection list

You pick it, We pack it with love, and Ship it!

Each gift you send supports multiple Black-owned businesses and 5% of our proceeds goes to charities, like SMILEONME.ORG, doing work in our community, supporting our youth.

So send that gift! Or better yet, treat yourself! All Black-owned Brands, All The Time and no multiple shipping costs!

Where else can you find that?

The Black community has over a trillion dollars in buying Power

Spend your money where it does the most good