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10 Inexpensive Quarantine Date Night Ideas

10 Inexpensive Quarantine Date Night Ideas

10 Inexpensive Quarantine Date Night Ideas

For those coupled up with a significant other during Quarantine, you have no choice but to spend time with each other. But is it quality time? If you are looking to set aside some meaningful time with a loved one, and we strongly suggest you do, these 10 Inexpensive Date Night Ideas maybe just right for you!

Here we go...

#10. Prepare a meal together

Yes, right about now you have made plenty of trips to the kitchen. You may even have taken turns cooking meals. However, when you label cooking tonights meal as a date night, the context changes. Try a new recipe. Don't over due it on the spices though, the night is spicy enough!

#9. At home Spa

So what does this entail? Could be mutual massages. Take turns using massage oils, and rub the tension out of those limbs from sitting around all day. Tub not big enough for the two of you? Use the shower. Plan ahead an order some shower bombs off of and turn an ordinary shower into a sauna with the soothing scent of eucalyptus. 

#8. Play a board game (or any game)

Got a game of Kama Sutra? No? Ok, Uno will do, or any game for that matter. Video games, board games, or that game where you put your smartphone on your forehead and the other person guesses what the subject is (love that game! Makes me laugh when people bow their whole upper torso all the way down just to move on to the next subject versus just moving the phone, lol smh).

#7. Grab takeout from a local business & watch a movie

Although we should be watching our spending, if date night is once a month, then the splurge is worth it. Support a local restaurant (they will be so grateful) and find a good movie to watch. There are so many choices now, and a lot of streaming and cable providers are offering movies that were in theaters. Enjoy your movie (and for the courtesy of others...don't forget to silence your phone!)

#6. Sit and Relax in front of a fireplace (or put on a youtube video if you're like me and don't have a fireplace)

This one is total relaxation combined with mediation. Just sit and relax. You don't have to hold a conversation. Maybe put on some jazz, Muzak or nature sounds. Ahh the sound of rain playing on your smartphone or bluetooth speaker, while your continuous fireplace YouTube loop plays on your big screen tv. You can make it work. No excuses.

#5. Catch up on your favorite shows

Didn't know Season 3 of Ozark came out? Yup, it did. You're welcome.

#4. Read a book together and discuss

I'm not saying War and Peace. A collection of short stories will suffice. "The Thing Around Your Neck" by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie? Too deep? How about "Who moved my Cheese"? Classic. The choice is yours.

#3. Play some music and dance in your living room (don't forget to play some slow jams too!)

There are so many DJs going live on Instagram, you could literally pretend you're at a club. Not feeling the club scene? I hear you. Create your own play list and label it Quarantine Date Night, so that when this is all over you can play it later and reminisce. 

#2. Watch your wedding video, or if your not married create a Tik Tok

When would you EVER have the time to watch your wedding video??? So take advantage. I am sure it will be a great time! Not married? No problem, create your own videos on Tik Tok for prosperity.

#1.Plan your dream vacation (yasss, imagine all the places you will go once this is all over!)

And finally the number one inexpensive date night that has actually been linked to boosting joy and happiness. Yes, it is true. Data suggests that planning vacations provides just as much happiness as the vacation itself. Planning a vacation sounds soo great! Something to look forward to. What a great date!

    bonus: Do an online workout! 

    *yes, let's keep those quarantine pounds off!

    Quarantine will eventually end, so take this time to get to know each other a little better. Do things together you wouldn't normally have time to do. Not only will your immune  system be stronger from staying at home, so will your relationship! 

    Be Well,

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