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About Us

How did we get here?

Like most things, we got here out of necessity. In 2016, Bifties started out as a secret santa gift exchange with one request, all gifts must come from a business of color. A great group of men and women accepted the challenge and gifting commenced! We had our challenges, like any good idea does, we overcame a few and others not so much. Some found it hard to find a business of color, others weren’t sure if certain businesses qualified (think Mary Kay and Avon dealers) and others were ok gifting a bottle of body butter, with no packaging, from their aunt who just started making it a month ago. I had to find a better way.  Social media and the internet have made it so much easier to find each other so how could I leverage that to make gifting easier. And then it came to me. Why not bring all the best gifts to one place? No confusion. You pick it,  we will  make it all pretty and we will ship it! Can’t get any easier than that! Let the gifting begin!